A question often asked of Dr. Mandy is why do kids of all ages need to be adjusted?
When you start to think about children, it is quick to understand how many small traumas or stressors their spine and nervous system under go each day of their life since birth!  The birthing process can be traumatic to an infant.  Situations such as delivering head first, forceps or vacuum extraction if they get stuck or even cesarean section infants typically being removed by pulling on their heads are all considered to be strenuous on an infant’s spine and nervous system. Traumas to an infant’s spine is quite common during the delivery process!   As children grow up,  they fall down learning to walk, jump off of the play ground landing in all sorts of positions and have poor posture while looking at electronics all day long.  These are all micro-traumas on our children’s spines that they encounter DAILY.   Most of these small traumas are left untreated for many years of their life.   Then before we know it, we all wake up when we are 30 years old and “EVERYTHING HURTS! I am officially old”  And we don’t know how that happened?!
Micro-traumas and stressors to the spine and nervous system every day of our life (even since we were small children) can lead to an interference in the communication of the brain to all parts of the body.  When there is an interference in communication, the brain now cannot control the body to help it adapt to every day life.  Leaving this interference can lead to some sort of dis-ease in the body.  In infants and children this may present as: colic, constipation, latching issues, developmental delays, eczema, ear infections, bed wetting, sickness, headaches….the list can go on and on.
Dr. Mandy uses specific and very gentle adjustments to restore proper function in the spine allowing the nervous system to work at full capacity!  When your child’s spine and nervous system are functioning at 100% they now can adapt to the daily stressors life throws at them and grow up to be healthy, happy kiddos!  We find that children who are adjusted tend to be happier, sleep better and even recover from colds quicker because their bodies are working like they should be!

Dr. Mandy treats children of all ages and is currently pursuing her Diplomate in Prenatal and Pediatric Care through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).  Throughout this post graduate training she is receiving 300 extra hours of training in pediatric and prenatal care.  She has a specific passion for children and loves to see them grow into healthy kids that are expressing their full potential in life!

The ICPA has a large selection of research on chiropractic care and children showing the benefits of having a properly functioning spine and nervous system.   They also have a multitude of resources for parents looking for more information on if their child may benefit from pediatric chiropractic care!

We would be honored to treat your little ones and help them start a journey to WELLNESS care by helping them express their full potential.  Please call to schedule an appointment or ask any other questions.